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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  July 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it will feel like 110-115 degrees. we have set a new record for the consecutive days of 95 or higher. it is counting by when this ends on sunday, we will be up over 10 days in a row of 95 or higher. here are some of the records. i think tomorrow we will be setting a record of 103 degrees from a record only two years ago. it will still be into the 90's on sunday. the real risk as we get to sunday and later on tonight, it will be severe thunderstorms. right now our temperature is still 98 degrees. there may be a few lone some thunderstorms trying to follow up. the real danger comes i think on sunday. sunday afternoon a high risk of strong winds, a lot of
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lightning, and unfortunately for the people just getting their power, there is always a danger there could be more power outages because of the grid being so fragile. also it will be putting a strain on the power and all of us with this dangerous heat tomorrow. >> thank you. there are still thousands of people in the area without power from last week's storm. at the unbearable temperatures to that and is just awful for them. >> seven nights, and 7 days. no power. no air-conditioning. people are thinking about taking action against pepco. first they have to get their lives back together. >> day 7, it has been to court -- terrible since day one. >> she has lived in her home for
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nearly 50 years. she cannot ever remember a week like this past week and she blames pepco. >> yesterday my house was 104. so i told them i was going out to -- i and sweltering. " they have been sleeping in the basement. their only relief is a fan powered by a generator. >> it makes it five degrees cooler. >> nobody in seven days has shown up in this area. >> across town its savior has had enough of the heat and -- xavier has had enough of pepco. >> despite multiple calls the power is still out. >> you feel like you are putting in all your new information but nobody is listening. >> the owner of this burry almost had to pour out thousands
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of gallons of beer. >> we were facing the possibility of the beer's boiling and having to get rid of 13,000 gallons of beer. >> they will have to rename it since it is no longer a logger. what's this beer was created by the storm. it was not our intention to bring the beer this way. >> that beer will be available by draft next month but it will be named after the common beer brewed at a higher temperature. as for misses evans and her dog the crews were just showing up. a minute ago five trucks pulled up here to this bethesda neighborhood that has been without power for a week. >> a bit of good news there. on that note pressure against pepco continues from residents and county officials. today d.c.'s mayor and the president sat down for
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interviews that will appear on washington's business report. >> i have said, it is time or a game changed. >> d.c. councilwoman says she wants to consider subpoena powers to look at documents. are you willing to let all your documents available? >> our data is not a secret. we are pleased with our performance. there is nothing to be embarrassed about. >> critics insist pepco no longer releases performance standards to the public and it should be forced to do so. >> if you do have power the heat is still a lot to deal with today. it is a brutal out there. horace holmes continues our heat wave coverage from northwest washington. >> day 9 of the heat wave and you have probably run out of tricks to stay in school if you are outside. what about those who want -- who
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work outside. for them there is no trick to working with hot asphalt on a day like today. imagine working on top of 300 degree asphalt on a day when the temperatures reach close to a hundred degrees. >> you have to do what you have to do. >> this heat wave has dragged into its ninth day. >> you get used to it. has been on a long time. >> for pedicab drivers there is no escapes in the heat. >> i take some ice cubes and put them in a plastic bag. but the plastic bag under my hat. that keeps my head nice and cool. >> robert has been driving a pedicab for four years. >> if i took off every day in the summer it was hot out i would not get any money.
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>> i have sunscreen on and my water with me. that is all i need. but we found a lot of people like pete who refuse to give up his lunchtime work out. >> friday night is for deny drink beer and eat pizza. is a break from the office. >> this is the worst stretch of heat in 80 years and is not over yet. >> it finally feels like summer. summer is here. >> for these guys out here working on the asphalt all day long, 300 degrees of asphalt and 100 degree day they say they used to it. temperatures have been dangerously hot. we have not had too many serious reports of serious injuries that are heat related. maybe a couple more days of this. we have to suffer through it.
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>> thank you, horace holmes. whether coverage continues on we want to hear from you. tell us how you plan to stay cool this weekend. tweet us with has tag #beattheheat. >> a man survives being shot numerous times by the police. he allegedly fired at the officers and still one of their cars. suzanne kennedy is live with the details including the 911 call the mother made last night. but it was a very unusual night here in college park and started with a suspect holding his mother at gunpoint and then he shot at police. he took off his clothes while being pursued by authorities. eventually he was caught. he faces serious charges. it was 21-year-old andre mccoy's mom who called police
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when he started acting erratically. the 21-year-old became agitated as his mother talked to 911. he walked his mother out of the house at that point where police were waiting. even after being shot he was unstoppable being taste several times. neighbors watched as more shots were fired. >> the police did not give him a chance. it is pulled out a gun and started shooting. >> he was shooting at the cops. but he was able to get into a police car eventually driving it
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feed into a brick wall where he was captured. police say the mom prevented the situation from becoming more dangerous. >> the moms sacrificed her own safety to walk out of the house at gunpoint was courage on her part. >> police telling us today the pcp they believe he was high on gave him near superhuman powers. he was so strong he was able to deal with the tasting and the shooting. that suspect faces a variety of charges including second-degree attempted murder of a police officer, assault, and firearm use. he is listed in good condition at a local hospital. >> thank you. in the meantime, prince george's county police announced the arrest of a teenager wanted for sexually assaulting two women and a man. these happen on soo line road yesterday.
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-- suitland road. he allegedly assaulted two women. >> a big development in the trayvon martin shooting case to report tonight. the shooter walked out of jail again. the neighborhood watch leader charged in the shooting death of trayvon martin made bail for a second time. >> this is his second shot. he walked out of jail on bond before. because they did not say how much money they really had, he was thrown behind bars. now he is out again. with escorts and a bulletproof vest, he walked out of a florida jail again just before 3:00 this afternoon. he was able to fork up the 10% necessary of the $1 million bond the judges set 24 hours ago. as for the family of trayvon
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martin, the 17-year-old is accused of murdering, they were joined by al sharpton today. their lawyer reacted to his relief. -- release. >> they would rather the killer of their unarmed child remain in jail. but they respect the strong message the judge said that everyone should show deference to judicial integrity and all court procedures. >> that message was the $1 million bond after they failed to disclose when hundred $50,000 in donations they receive at the first bond hearing. the judge said he cannot open or maintain a bank account, cannot be on airport property, or apply for a passport or leave the country. >> if you are in a situation where you do not represent yourself honestly, you should be sitting behind bars.
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>> i think that is awful. he should not be making bail. >> he will stay in a state house until he relocates to a permanent home. he needed $1 million in collateral to secure the bail but they refuse to say what is being used as collateral. >> we have breaking news coming in from hyattsville, maryland. a metro trail derailment on the green line. no reports of injuries coming away from the scene. we have a report of who is on the way and we will have more details when they are available. >> coming up, 100 families displaced after their apartment building caught fire. what fire officials believe started the blaze. blogs a lot of people could use a hug after the week of power outages. >> it is very taxing on the
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body. >> emergency officials battled the heat t
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what a president believesmatters. mitt romney's companies were pioneers in outsourcing us jobs
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to low-wage countries. he supports tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. president obama believes in insourcing. he fought to save the us auto industry and favors tax cuts for companies that bring jobs home. outsourcing versus insourcing. it matters. i'm barack obama, and i approved this message. >> while everybody is trying to stay cool in doors, there are
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those whose job is to be outside responding to victims of police. today we went along with firefighters as they responded to calls and try to make sure they stickle as well. >> all outside extraneous activities are cancelled. >> they are battling temperatures had on and responding to a flurry of calls. >> 5 or 10 more calls than normal. people are more exhausted because of the heat. what people like peggy who call for help because the thick air is making it hard for her to brief. >> it is the humidity and heat and air. >> across town montgomery county firefighters wasted no time responding to another heat related call. they made sure the victim
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guzzled water in the shade. >> i am extremely hot. it is not good for him. >> 102 degrees outside, it is 120 in their house. clucks they say their job is more challenging than ever, especially for those wearing heavy gear. >> you work until your limit. when you need a break, you ask for a break. but they are working 24 hour shifts in this heat. >> the utility workers, too, they go all over. there are people in ohio and indiana -- it was just a week we have had. the boardwalk races again. the temperature out there -- for those of us still in town, no
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break. tomorrow dangerous he. 88 degrees outside right now. the record is 102 from only two years ago. look at the range of temperatures. beltsville -- 104. 107 in manassas. there is the break, look at ocean city. 81 degrees right now. still pretty warm for ocean city. kansas city is 103 right now. indianapolis set another record today at 102 degrees today. look at minneapolis. the heat index 109. chicago the heat index 111 degrees. that is where the dangers he is. not only are around us but for all of the major cities all from the planes down into tennessee and kentucky, it is a historic and exceptional heat wave perry
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is one of the reasons we get to this feedback. the ground is so dry it reflects the heat into the atmosphere. it is unrelenting and there's down. again tomorrow temperatures well above 100 degrees. we could be seeing for only the fifth time here in washington a temperature of 105 degrees. that has only happened four other times in washington. that he continues to build a third route is so much of the country. finally a cool front saddling our way, there is a risk for severe weather. as i mentioned earlier it is really sunday we will be under the gun. i am afraid there is a significant risk we will see severe thunderstorms by sunday afternoon meeting strong winds and again a lot of lightning.
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unfortunately, there could be more power outages or reoccurring power outages. tomorrow just the heat building all the way through the atmosphere. watch as we go through our futurecast into sunday. it begins to settle. with the he to write around us, that means also the risk of severe thunderstorms. when you get up tomorrow the morning low temperature will start off in the mid 80's. i am afraid we are looking at a record of excessive heat but feeling like 110 to 115. that means dangers heat and dangerous air over us. there is a risk of severe thunderstorms on sunday that finally breaks the incredible heat. next week temperatures will only be in the mid 80's. you can keep posted all the
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time on our weather page. we have a blog atom put together -- adam put together. if you can stay inside and stay cool. >> the air quality. >> this error could have been a problem for another situation we're following. -- this error could have been a problem for another situation. three train cars have derailed near the west hyattsville metro station. no reports of any injuries there. these are live scenes over there. 55 passengers have been removed through a fan shaft exit. we have reporters on the way to the scene.
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>> how horses are helping wounded warriors strengthen more than just their bodies. >> unemployment numbers out
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>> some underwhelming job numbers. >> 80,000 jobs numbers were
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added that the unemployment rate remained the same at 8.2%. if you go into parts of d.c. you will hear about a much higher unemployment number. we go into ward 8 with sam ford. >> the unemployment rate is nearly three times the national average. it is to the point that some of the leaders here are taking to the streets in protest later this month. >> i am about to become homeless. i need a job. clucks when i go to job sites, they will tell you to go on line. i have been looking diligently. i cannot find anything. clucks unemployment is nearly triple the national average. nationwide is a 0.2%, d.c. wide, 9.3%.
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in ward 8 it is 22.5%. >> i think there is a correlation between poverty and crime. >> they are organizing a protest to demand the city focus on getting more jobs to people in this area. >> every time i walk to my house, somebody asks me, do you know where i can find a job? what's then there is the issue with some many people with criminal records. >> i have a felony, so it is extra hard. >> george shields works at a barbershop but says a job he needs with benefits is hard to find. >> you do not have somebody inside back in the u. n, you are pretty much not going to have a chance. >> -- inside that can get you in, you will not have a chance. >> on july 20 a, a number of the
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leaders here say they will take to the streets in protest hoping to get more work for people who live in this community. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, how president obama and mitt romney responded to today's job report. >> we will tell you how their investigation of friendly fire has come to a close. >> if you are in need of a good hug, the hugging state is in town. >> in woodbridge, va., the we love
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>> an update on the metro trains derail meant it. three cars derailed near the west hyattsville station. no reports of injuries but 55 passengers had to be removed through a shaft. green line service is suspended. no word on what caused the derailment but we have reporters on the way to the scene. we will have information coming up in a bit. 100 families are out of their homes tonight but not because of last week's storms. >> an apartment building caught on fire last night. tonight fire investigators believe they know what started the costly fire.
5:31 pm
gail pennybacker is live with the very latest. >> these people had electricity. we also want to make sure everyone knows that nobody was hurt over this ablaze. they do know it started in the top floor deck with a propane device. standing in the shade with thousands of people left homeless after a huge fire, she is worried she might be to blame. she says she was cooking in her apartment when suddenly there was fire. >> the fire started burning. i do not know exactly what happened. >> fire officials have not said whether a specific person is responsible. they are looking at a propane device on a deck for the reason the fire sparked. >> the view from news choppers 7 showed the theory of the flames sent people from this complex running out of their apartments
5:32 pm
carrying their children and the clothes on their back. >> what is going on. clucks 100 people are without a place to live. 24 apartments are condemned. >> if they give us a chance we will grab what ever we can. >> i just have this. >> they still consider themselves fortunate. >> at least everybody got out. >> here at the woodbridge station apartments property management is trying to find places within this complex to move these people. other surrounding complexes say they want to help, too, to make sure nobody is homeless. >> thank you so much. now for a look at the day's other top stories. a shooting and high speed chase
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in college park, the suspect is facing multiple charges. andre mccoy was shot in an exchange with officers. after being shot several times they had to use a stun gun on him. he got away in a police cruiser but he was caught and taken to the hospital. >> utility crews are still trying to restore electricity for thousands of people. pepco says a number of outages will remain into the weekend because of heavy localized storm damage. clucks the record-setting heat wave has gone into its ninth day. metro is allowing the riders to drink water on the system now until sunday night. >> the weather stretches further than just the metro area.
5:34 pm
hello, i see you are talking about something everybody here in this region cares about the weather. >> it does not let up. breaking from more severe weather, that triple degree heat sparking storms. we are going to get into all of this and the severe weather. what's i am guessing that is a baseball in your hand. >> we reveal the secrets behind the knuckleball. i let the cameras roll as i gave it a shot. it will not be pretty tonight. >> we have to see that. see you in a bid. you can watch those stories and more coming up tonight on world news. >> if you are in need of a hug you may want to head over to
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alexandria. the hugging st. from india is hosting events on seminary road. she hugged hundreds of people who stopped by to see her today. she will offer more hugs tomorrow. >> let's check and see how things are looking tonight with jerry both. cox we will start westbound. near potomac park we had a crash involving a motorcyclist. delays on the westbound freeway from 11th street near potomac park. we are seeing some delays across the 14th street bridge and pass that accident. big degrees -- big delays 95 south heading toward fredericksburg. also the green line derailment near west hyattsville. they have suspended service, so
5:36 pm
keep that in mind. they should set up bus service to get people to and from. traveling around the inner and outer lips of the beltway things not moving too badly over the lesion bridge. old georgetown road working toward connecticut avenue here and eventually toward university boulevard, some slow traffic on the inner loop. back to you. >> have a good one. coming up -- >> the local therapy getting wounded warriors out of the hospital and into a new kind of therapy with four legged friends. >> the casino is on hold at least with maryland lawmakers.
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>> more than 250,000 military wounded rigid military members have suffered a traumatic injury. >> steve explains what started here in virginia by taking
5:40 pm
soldiers out of the hospital into a horse arena. >> staff sgt finally feels relieved. >> when i come here with a headache or upset or whatever once i get around the horses i start grooming them and it calms me down. >> he is one of the wounded warriors taking hold of the reins as therapy for a traumatic brain injury. instead of a confined exam room they need on 10 acres of serenity. >> it is more calming and smoot -- soothing. >> head up a little bit more. >> they saddle up every thursday to strengthen their bodies and minds. >> it challenges their vertigo their light headed this. >> as they gain more confidence
5:41 pm
with the horse, we find it improves their own confidence and feelings of self worth. >> members of the old guard are the instructors. >> it is important to make sure we are still taking care of our own. >> we want to get them into a better mind-set to help their healing. >> the 1,200 pound animals have a way of putting these at times anxious soldiers at ease. >> they will not look at you like you are weird or anything. but since launching in 2006 this program has helped hundreds of wounded warriors and inspired more than 100 horse therapy programs nationwide. >> up next, why a mother says she put bier in her child's sippy cup.
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what a president believes matters. mitt romney's companies were pioneers in outsourcing us jobs to low-wage coietries. he supportsax
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breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. president obama believes in insourcing. fought to save the us auto industry and favors tax cuts for companies that bring jobs home. outsourcing versus insourcing. it matters. i'm barack obama, and i approved this message.
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>> let's get another check of
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the train derailment story we told you a about moments ago. three train cars derailed on the green line. >> hi philippe. >> i can tell you what we know at this point is about four:45 we got report of an inbound green line train that derailed outside of the west hyattsville station at about 1,000 feet north of the station. about 60 passengers were on board. all of the passengers have been safely evacuate it. this is having an impact on the rail service. we do want people to know green line service has been suspended. we have a shuttle buses to work people around this incident. >> before we let you go, we heard earlier the passengers who were taken off the train had to
5:46 pm
leave through a ventilation vent. >> that i am unclear of at this point. the last person came out 10 minutes ago. i am unclear as to how the evacuation was done. >> we are dealing with high temperatures today. how did he play a role in this? what's that is something we will look at as the investigation gets under way. while this is just impacting the green and yellow line immediately, we should mention we have imposed a 35 mile per hour speed restriction on all trains running above ground. there will be some delays because of the speed restriction that is a result of the heat. >> thank you philip. let's go to suzanne kennedy who did make her way to the scene. what have you learned? >> this is the spot that is
5:47 pm
about 1 mile from where the derailment happened. this is where they were taking people off of the train. right behind me a medical ambulance bus brought here by the fire department. we saw one dozen or so people brought on to that bus. they were given water. their names were documented. you can see over here behind me that is a prince george's county firefighter coming up from what is called the fan shaft exit. if you look behind me you can see a silver hatch in the ground. that is where people walk up out of the metro system to safety. you can see they have ambulances here. five minutes ago with somebody brought in on a stretcher to that ambulance and treated for what ever happened. some of the witnesses on the train said they felt it was like a jolt while there were on the
5:48 pm
train. they felt an impact. nobody was seriously injured to our knowledge. the last three cars were derailed. 55 passengers were being removed through that exit. for anybody expecting somebody home from metro, service has been suspended. as these folks are coming out of the fan shaft exit they are given water, checked out. they are being walked over to the medical ambulance. we have not seen too many people transported to the hospital. we do not know how serious of there are any injuries. >> thank you. we will talk to you again soon. in the meantime a mother in arizona has been arrested after putting beer in her two-year-old son's sippy cup. witnesses saw her pour beer from a pitcher into her son's cup and
5:49 pm
he drank some of it. she said she did it because her son kept reaching for the beer. she is being held on suspicion of child abuse. >> let's see what is coming up at 6:00 this evening. >> there are lingering power problems around the area. tonight we have tough questions for the head of one of the most hated utility companies in the nation. what pepco's president has to say about getting the power back on. both the president and mitt romney are speaking out on the latest job numbers. more on abc 7 days at 6:00. clucks the most hated -- [laughter] we will see you in just a bit. any chance of us getting any relief this weekend? what's not this weekend.
5:50 pm
we will be seeing it next week. the great risk of severe thunderstorms i am afraid by late sunday. overnight tonight, take a look at the hourly temperature. we were into the 90's. the overnight temperature will only be about 80 degrees. here are the highest temperatures recorded in washington 106 twice in 1918 and 1930. hours recently as 1997, the last time we have been 105. tomorrow there is a possibility we could be seeing the temperature near 105. today the high temperature was 99 degrees. the heat index will be the big story tomorrow along with unhealthy air. maybe as high as 104. that would be a new record tomorrow. the great risk for sunday is it will still be 98.
5:51 pm
by late in the day the risk of severe thunderstorms, not only taxing the power grid but for people still without power causing more damage. we have a new blog on beat the heat. use the twitter #beattheheat, trying to keep on top of what has been and what will continue to be for us day after day more records ahead. we will probably have 1095 degree days in a row. even at the beaches it will be warm. >> stay inside and watch television. >> the men's wimbledon final
5:52 pm
will be a david and goliath of sorts. it is the first time since 1938 a british man has made the finals. roger fetter is going for his seventh title. heat faces the defending champion in the semifinals today. he will also take the no. 1 ranking away from him, nothing like rubbing dirt, and will tie for number of weeks at number one. clucks now, i will have a chance at the title again all at once. is a big match for me. i hope i can keep my nerves. hopefully i can win the match. we will see about that. >> and all-star headed to kansas city in a few days and even he
5:53 pm
can show imperfection. he only lasted three innings in his last outing taken out of the game for heat exhaustion. it was the hottest day ever recorded in atlanta at 106 degrees. it felt even hotter on the field. tonight he takes the mound again but teammates say he will be ready. but i am sure he is drinking a lot of water. i do not think it will be as hot as atlanta, but it will be hot. clucks i do not think we are going to have any transfusions or anything. unless i need one. >> they are doing great now.
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>> some residents might be one step closer to losing their homes. the county has issued a summons that their homes are uninhabitable. earlier this week the building code inspector found dangerous conditions with extension cords going from a trailer to trailer. two people are dead and eight others have been hard after a severe thunderstorm swept through tennessee. hundreds of people were visiting when the storm hit last night. one woman died after being struck by a fallen tree. a man was killed on his motorcycle. it took hours for the rangers to
5:58 pm
get to campers that were trapped. >> this was the worst storm event of its kind -- the most comparable thing would have been a blizzard of 1993. >> nearly 6000 people are without power in that storm zone. >> tonight on an all new 2020, have been, where is it and how do we get there. barbara walters sits down with a mormon leader. glucks one of the things that distinguishes our belief and faith is we do not think you just said, i believe in jesus and you go straight to heaven. >> we will see who else barbara walters' talks to at 9:00 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> breaking news coming in from
5:59 pm
west hyattsville wear a green line metro train is derailed in the middle of rush hour. >> this happened before 5:00 this afternoon. three train cars jumped the tracks. suzanne kennedy is at the scene. >> we have been watching as they take passengers off of the green line train. i enjoyed by somebody from metro. what happened as this train was heading into the station. clucks we received a report of the the real the train at around 4:45. we evacuated approximately 55 people from on board the train. one person has been transported. we have experienced delays. we instituted a 35 mile per hour speed


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